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ECOMASTER is a technological breakthrough inmade leather!

Koatsu of Japan has perfected an environmentally fiiendly technique to make a truly breathable reproduction of leather.

Their patent pending combination of surface and core layer technology, uses absolutely no toxic chemicals or solvents that may harm the environment.

This success has made ECOMASTER the world,s firs authentic environmentally friendly man made leather!

ECOMASTER is a water based medium, coupled with an application of a non-toxic polyurethane emulsion. It employs no hazardous oils, solvents or chemcals, in its manufacturing technique, Unlike other man made leathers, ECOMASTER produces absolutely no pollutants that may damage the environment.
The surface layer consists of hundred of microscopic holes, enabling Koatsu to make ECOMASTER a fully customised leather.
Not only can any colour and any pattern be created, but, ventilation,permeation and water resistance levels can be tailor-made. This versatity is accomplished whithout the application of harmful chemicals in any stage of the manufacturing process
The revolutionary core (sponge) layer does not require any toxic substances in its developmennt.
  A water basedmedium, it incorporates minute pouches which are interlinked to from a truly breathable, light weight leather. It has superir insulation shock and moisture absorqtion properties, making ECOMASTER the world,s most comfortable wearing leather.
The unique threads that make up the fibre layer are first squn, then split further into super fine interwoven fibres. This results in the elastic, yet, strong material that is ECOMASTER

ECOMASTER providesa consistent supply of man made leathers,that are the result of the world,s first legitimate environmentally friendly manufacturing process!
ECOMASTER overcomes the inconsistencies and problems associated with both natural and existing man made leathers and can be fully customised to client requirements.
Air cm3,per cn2 of material,per second.
ECOMASTER-capacity of 11 cm3/cm2/sec.
Natural Lcather-capacity less than 1 cm3/cm2/sec
ECOMASTER exceeds 1000%(10times)the capacity of genuine and other competing man made
Natural leathers saturate at 100 grams of moisture content per 100grams of raw materia1.
ECOMASTER saturates at 120grams per 100 grams of raw material ,20% higher than that of
natural leathers.
ECOMASTER weight only half as much as natural leathers of the same thickness.

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